Product Rebranding Services

Rebranded products are an economical way of adding to the stable of products that are sold via your website or distributed via CD/DVD. As well, they are an ideal mechanism for promoting your company ; every time someone uses your rebranded product, you get an opportunity to get them to visit your website.

Many of the products published by scripted Logic are also also available to be rebranded ... so you can redistribute them under your own name ... rebranded products will have our Copyright Notices and links to our website replaced by your (company) name and website.

While there are no conditions on the price you may charge for distributing the rebranded products ... nor the distribution channels deployed ... please note that you may ONLY redistribute the number of copies of the product that you contracted for ... licenses are granted in blocks of 1,000 copies and additional blocks MUST be purchased in order to redistribute more copies.

Normally, rebranded products will not differ from the original standard products offered by us in any other manner ... however, we can also consider requests to change other parts of the products. One such example would be to change the Text Messages to another language. Another example would be to change the associated sound and images to reflect a theme that would be more appropriate to your business/enterprise. These additional changes would entail charges in addition to the rebranding license fees.

Here is a list of the products available for rebranding.