Products (Figori Series)

The Figori series of programs are designed to test your ability to identify "Groups of Related Images".

Users who are upto bigger challenges may choose to have the images shown to them for a brief period of time during which they will be required to memorize their locations on screen as well ... then, they will have to identify both, the "Groups of Related Images" and their location on the screen.

Currently, there is one program in the Figori series that is available for you to play on your computer ... FigoriFreeSet1©, which is available at no cost, contains groups of images related to mathematical fractions. Images for this version of the program are courtesy of A Kid's Heart.

Using an appropriate set of images, different versions of the Figori product series can be developed for use as learning/testing tools for a wide variety of topics including ...

Other programs in this series will be forthcoming soon ... and can also be custom developed upon request.