Products (FancyText Series)

With the FancyText series of programs, you can quickly and easily create Image files with a text message stamped on it ... great for creating custom Greeting Card images with your own photos and message ... just attach the resulting image file to any email you send to family and friends !!!

These programs create BMP or JPG type of image files containing ...

Each program comes with a set of 20 sample templates that can be viewed with just one mouse click. Once viewed, you can choose to change one or more properties (canvas size, background, text etc.) ... and with just one more click build/view the changed FancyText image ... and save the changed image on your computer.

Each program also comes with a set of picture and pattern images ... but you can choose to use any image on your computer in the construction of a FancyText image.

Currently, there are three programs in the FancyText series that are available for you to use on your computer.

FancyTextFreeSet1©, which is available at no cost, comes with 36 pattern and photo files and enables you to produce FancyText image files in 11 pre-defined canvas sizes.

Also available at no cost ... courtesy of A Kid's Photo ...

FancyTextXmasSet1© which contains images and textures suited for making your own Christmas Greeting cards

... and ...

FancyTextHolidayPack1© which contains images and textures suited for making your own Greeting cards for many Holidays celebrated in North America and around the world ... including Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Canada Day, US Independence Day, Halloween and Thanks Giving Day.

Other programs in this series are in the works ... and will be forthcoming soon.

You can also arrange to have a re-branded or co-branded version of this program .. with your own set of sample Templates and Images ... developed by Scripted Logic.