Currently, the following series of products are available.

The TicTac series of programs enable you to play the Tic Tac Toe game on your computer ... including TicTacWithTheBear, TicTacWithTheSockMonkey and TicTacWithAFriend

With the PicPuz© series of programs, you can reconstruct scrambled picture images by moving pieces of these pictures into their correct locations. Picture Puzzles currently offered in this series include PicPuzFreePack1, PicPuz4KidsFreePack1, PicPuz4KidsPhotoPack1, PicPuzAnimalPack1 and PicPuz4KidsAnimalPack1

Identico© is a game that tests your ability to remember the location of images that are presented to you for a short period of time. Current offerings of this game are IdenticoFreeSet1 and IdenticoPhotoSet1.

With the Figori© series of programs, users have to find "Groups of Related Images". Current offering of this game is FigoriFreeSet1.

Programs in FancyText© series enable users to create images with custom text messages, background images and borders infused into a single BMP or JPG file. Current offerings of this game are FancyTextFreeSet1 and FancyTextXmasSet1.

Other Product Series are being developed and will be offered in the coming months.