The best RAD facility

My testimonial for the product

Posted on their website a few years ago

I started programming when dinosaurs roamed the earth... and NeoBook is the best (Rapid) Application Development software I have had the pleasure of using ... ever.

NeoBook has a rich set of scripting commands and can be extended with plug-ins (like the ones for Database connectivity and File Transfers over the internet) and its ability to interact with embedded Browser and Flash windows ... which makes it versatile enough for me to deploy it for creating games, quizzes, business applications, as well as utility software for restructuring databases, capturing screen shots, resizing images and creating web pages.

It has an excellent Integrated Development Environment and good testing/debugging facilities. The platform is extremely stable and support is excellent.

What more can a developer ask for... except perhaps a version that can generate Applications for deployment on the internet.

But NeoBook is not just for experienced Application Developers ... as explained in an excerpt on the NeoSoftware website ...

Create your own Windows Apps with this Rapid Application Builder and Multimedia Authoring System designed especially for non-programmers. Even inexperienced users can quickly combine text, graphics, sound, animation and other elements to create interactive, software such as: electronic books, presentations, brochures, greeting cards, educational materials, computer-based training applications, catalogs, electronic magazines, games, CD interfaces and many types of other applications

Visit the NeoSoftware website ... for a full description of its capabilities and features ... as well as free and commercial plug-ins offered by NeoSoftware.

NeoBook also has a very supportive community ... their Forum is a helpful place for newcomers to get quick answers from fellow NeoBookers ... and the Resource Center catalogs many plug-ins and sample Applications available from third parties ... many of them are of the free variety ... my own contributions can be found in the menu sections titled Apps and Learn.

Note that NeoBook is also available in French, Spanish and Italian