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About Scripted Logic


The website is divided into the following sections ...

Software that is native to the (Windows) desktop
Frameworks and (javascript) based components deployed within a Browser
Server Side
Javascript based products that service requests for web pages
Hosted Services that are consumed using just your Browser; includes platforms to Build & Run web based Apps


This website is hosted by Arvixe.

The pages are rendered using the Bootstrap framework.

This framework was augmented by a plugin provided by Cameron Spear to enable Bootstrap dropdowns to 'active on hover' ... which enables the submenu items to be automatically displayed every time the menu header is hovered upon (with the mouse).

Bootstrap and other parts of my website use jQuery ... which greatly improves the efficiency of web page (and web app) development.

NeoBook which is published by NeoSoft Corp was used to make the games and utilities in the TicTac, PicPuz, Identico, Figori and FancyText series ... as well as the AccessDBU utility program.

The images deployed in the TicTac series of programs were provided by (the late) Loraine Wauer of BillyBear4Kids.

Some of the images deployed in the PicPuz, Identico, Figori and FancyText series of programs were provided by Roxie Carroll of A Kid's Photo.